Monday, April 30, 2012


Is water the best moisturizer?

I was just preparing for bed and about to give my hair some TLC when something catastrophic occurred...I RAN OUT OF MOISTURIZER...OH NO!  After panicking for a second, I remembered that my goal was to run out of product (I was about to send my husband to Wal-Mart to purchase a moisturizer...he would have done it  I'm a recovering PJ (8 months and counting). 

Anyway, I decided to use water as my moisture.  That's right PURE WATER (H2O).  Water is the best moisturizer for our natural hair or water-based products.  My hair immediately softened and bent to my will.  Just remember to seal with an oil or a butter.

What do you feel is the best moisturizer?  Do you seal after moisturizing?


One of my favorite hair idols is Sophie Okonedo.

We all know her from such movies as Ace Ventura, Hotel Rwanda (one of the best movies!), Aeon Flux and Secret Life of Bees. She is a gorgeous British actress with beautiful natural hair.

I first noticed her natural hair in Ace Ventura (When Nature Calls) way back in 1995 when I was just starting high school.  I had a relaxer but it was refreshing to see a black actress with braided natural hair on the big screen.

Ever since then I have admired her 'naturalness' and will to remain natural in an industry did not want to showcase her kinks, curls, and curls.

Anyway, I love her hair.  It makes her unique and adds to her sweet personality.  Even as time moves on, her natural hair  makes her look even more youthful and vibrant.  She wears so many gorgeous styles and has been every single length in the book of lengths!  She is definitely rocking some awesome natural hair.  Don't you agree?

She also has excellent style!


I'm obsessed with natural hair.

I have documented my "natural hair journey" in pictures for over 3 years and now I want to write about it. I started a blog back in 2009 but failed to post much. I had no focus at all.  I'm way more dedicated to taking pictures and posting those.  The main reason why I take the pics is to track my growth.  Oh yeah, I'm LENGTH OBSESSED also!

It seems weird at times to have a blog about natural hair but it's something that I know about and that people ask me about on a daily basis.  At my last job, I encouraged a few of my coworkers to go natural.  I also host meetups from time to time.  And I'll make the occasional YouTube video.  We always talked and gossiped about hair.

I'm still growing in my natural hair journey but I still have a story to share.  I have done so many things with my natural hair and I want to do so much more, so here goes...

Welcome to my Natural Hair Romance.