Friday, July 27, 2012

Natural Hair Romance Vitamin Regimen for Growth!

One my close friends told me that she was going to start taking vitamins for hair growth.  She has been natural for about 1 year and has grown and retained about 5 inch of hair but she wants an extra little boost!  This made me think about my own vitamin regimen, which is practically nonexistent, since I forget to take them most of the  Since I'm doing a 90 day Protective Style Challenge, I really need to focus on my nutritional and vitamin intake.  I decided to go through my hair closet and pull out some of my vits and these are the ones that I will take for the next month or so:

CVS Prenatal Vitamins with Minerals: I'm not pregnant but I do love taking prenatals when I start on a hair growth vit regimen.

The Vitamin Shoppe MSM 500 (wonderful for hair growth):
Do you have a vitamin regimen?  If so, what vitamins do yo take and why?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Protective Style #1 - 2 Under Braids...Very Simple Style!

I'm very picky when it comes to protective styles.  I refuse to do individuals or very small braids/twist.  They tend to cause more problems for my hair and scalp.

To kick of this challenge, my first protective style is 2 Under Braids...very simple! These were done by Kenya aka Kenny Coo for only $25.00.  She terrific at what she does and has some amazing work.  You can view her site and hairstyles here:

My under braids are not tight and I will keep them in for 2 weeks. 

Oh yeah, I'm allergic to the coating on the Kanekalon hair so I always soak the synthetic hair in water and ACV (in the sink) for 20 to 25 minutes.  Then I rinse it off and spray the hair with a silicone based shine spray.  I let the hair dry overnight in front of a fan.  The hair always comes out very nice and shiny but minus the itchy scalp!

Weight Loss Update - I'm down 31 lbs...yay!

I have done a terrible job with updating my weight loss journey but here goes!

I lost 27 lbs quickly but put 16 lbs back on...I gain weight like crazy :-( But I got back on track and have maintained my healthy habits.  Just like everyone else, I have my share of setbacks.  I decided to set more short-term goals rather than just focusing on my long-term goal.  Below are some of my goals and stats

Total Weight Loss = 31 lbs.
Short-term goal = Lose 15 or more a month
Long-term goal = Weigh 150 lbs or less
Weight loss plan = 3 to 4 day Juicing; 3 Day Diet; and Calorie Counting.  I may use my remaining HCG as I near my goal weight.  I have been exercising 2x to 3x a week but I need to increase that.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Natural Hair Romance 90 Day Protective Style Challenge!!!

I recently cut about 2 inches off my hair because the ends were damaged and split.  It took me 4 months to grow those 2 inches and now I want them back and then some….lol.  Since my trim, I have been thinking of different ways that I can care for my hair without hardly any manipulation.   My overall goal is to grow my hair to waist-length with my “DREAM GOAL” being hip or classic length.  I hope to reach my WL goal in 2013!  I’m right at BSL, even after the trim but I still feel like I have a ways to go to reach my goal. 
I will be incorporating protective styling into my hair care regimen so I’m starting with a 90 day Protective Style Challenge for myself and anyone else who wants to join in!  :-)  The goal is to keep my hair in a protective style (PS) for 80-90% of the time over the next 90 days or 3 months.  I’m growing this head of hair OUT!  I will also eating a healthier diet, exercising, and taking vitamins.  I may also use some growth aids (MN mix and others). 
I’m not using products to grow my hair because care and handling is the most important thing for growth, when it comes to my growth and length retention.  However, I do use the “As I Am” product line (the leave-in, co-wash, and moisturizer), Elasta QP Cream Conditioning Shampoo, any Dominican deep conditioner, Rapunzal’s Hair of the Future Protein treatment, Proclaim Natural 7 Oil and other terrific natural oils (EVOO, EVCO etc)…and that is it.  I’m hoping to promote a faster growth rate and retain some more hair.

The Overall Protective Style Challenge: July 21, 2012 to October 19, 2012
  • Protective Hairstyles +80% of the time
  • Good simple products
  • drink more water
  • eat healthier foods
  • take growth promotion vitamins and use growth aids
  • Exercise
 If you want to join in or have any tips feel free to comment.  I'm definitely open to discussion.

 Hair BEFORE the 2 in trim

30 Days of Hairstyles for Straight Natural Hair - Day 30

I know this is late...but like the saying goes "Better late than never"...:-)

Day 30 - Figure 8 Updo!!!

Make sure to check out Day 28 & Day 29 hairstyles for straight natural hair!  Make sure to visit Natural Hair Romance on Pinterest, Facebook , and Twitter.

And always remember to Love Your Natural Hair!