Friday, July 27, 2012

Natural Hair Romance Vitamin Regimen for Growth!

One my close friends told me that she was going to start taking vitamins for hair growth.  She has been natural for about 1 year and has grown and retained about 5 inch of hair but she wants an extra little boost!  This made me think about my own vitamin regimen, which is practically nonexistent, since I forget to take them most of the  Since I'm doing a 90 day Protective Style Challenge, I really need to focus on my nutritional and vitamin intake.  I decided to go through my hair closet and pull out some of my vits and these are the ones that I will take for the next month or so:

CVS Prenatal Vitamins with Minerals: I'm not pregnant but I do love taking prenatals when I start on a hair growth vit regimen.

The Vitamin Shoppe MSM 500 (wonderful for hair growth):
Do you have a vitamin regimen?  If so, what vitamins do yo take and why?


  1. I don't take any vitamins except the occasional vit C and what the doctor tells me to take.

    I eat my vitamins through raw veggies and fruits via smoothies/salads as well as any cooked veggies and meats I consume.

    Keep use updated of your results!

  2. While obtaining your suitable number connected with vitamins IN ADDITION TO nutrients coming from natural foodstuff will be important, It really is very challenging to help do. ones foodstuff i eat are generally not Just as nutritious Just like they soon after were. Unless an individual grow the as well as take them from somebody that you know, can be very difficult to judge your current mineral quality of any fruits AS WELL AS vegetables you buy Read More