Monday, April 30, 2012


I'm obsessed with natural hair.

I have documented my "natural hair journey" in pictures for over 3 years and now I want to write about it. I started a blog back in 2009 but failed to post much. I had no focus at all.  I'm way more dedicated to taking pictures and posting those.  The main reason why I take the pics is to track my growth.  Oh yeah, I'm LENGTH OBSESSED also!

It seems weird at times to have a blog about natural hair but it's something that I know about and that people ask me about on a daily basis.  At my last job, I encouraged a few of my coworkers to go natural.  I also host meetups from time to time.  And I'll make the occasional YouTube video.  We always talked and gossiped about hair.

I'm still growing in my natural hair journey but I still have a story to share.  I have done so many things with my natural hair and I want to do so much more, so here goes...

Welcome to my Natural Hair Romance.

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