Monday, June 4, 2012

Week 2: Weight Loss Review!

Week 2: Weight Loss Review

Week 2 Wt. Loss 8.4 lbs
Total Wt. Loss = 21.8 lbs

I did okay this week.  I cut my calories down way too low and my body went into starvation mode for a day or 2.  I increased my calories on the last few days and lost more weight.  I replaced my usual morning breakfast with my own special meal replacement shakes.  Next week on my 4 day off of the 3 Day Diet, I will be making Joan's Meal Replacement bars and my shakes to substitute some of my meals.

I incorporated exercise into my weight loss regimen this was great!  I used the workout videos available on Netflix.  They have some pretty good stuff, especially the 10 Minute Solution, Pick Your Level Pilates, and Dance Off the Inches videos.  Each day I increase my workout time by 5 minutes.  I'm up to 40 min. so far...yay me!  My goal is to be able to workout 60 minutes a day or 30 min. in the morning and 30 min. at night. 

I'm still using the calorie counter through Calorie Count About to track my calorie intake each day. I love their program!  I can also keep track of my activity and weight.  I have 3 very cool and motivating supporters who provide me with good advice.  I'm also supporting a few people, even though I'm a newbie.

The major downside to this week is that I did not complete my 7 day cleans :-(  I will start back on it tomorrow and finish the reminder of the pills.  Either way, I'm excited about the weight that I'm losing.  My clothes fit better also and I have more energy!!!

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