Friday, May 4, 2012

Baggy Method for the Ends Only?

I know that you all have heard of the baggy method where you cover your whole head with a plastic cap or bag to cause the “greenhouse effect” and increase moisture.

But have you ever considered just bagging your ends?  I do this sometimes to give my ends and extra shot of moisture and so that I don’t have to cover my whole head.  Here are some pics of how it looks…

I simply put my hair into 4 braids (2 front and 2 back), then I use a water-based  moisturizer (or water) and an oil on the ends.  I wrap my ends with either saran wrap or pieces of a plastic bag and secure it with an elastic band or ponytail holder.

The end result is soft, shiny, protected ends.  This method is also good if you are wearing wigs as a protective style.

You have to protect and love those ends to grow longer, stronger hair!

Do you baggy your ends?

Update:  The next morning my ends were nicely moisturized and soft!

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