Monday, May 21, 2012

Weight Loss Journey Series

I need to loss weight!  I  have needed to loss weight for a long time now but I have ignored it for so long and it has gotten out of hand.  Really, really, really out of hand. My weight is the only thing in my life that causes me true stress and depression.  My weight gain is my own fault and I have not excuse for it :-(

Okay, enough with beating myself up and the self-pity, I'm ready for change.  Lifestyle change!

My husband is very supportive and will be embarking on this journey with me.  For us this journey is not just about weight loss but about living a healthier lifestyle so that we can be here longer for our son, Elijah.

So to get straight to the point...I will be documenting my journey to a healthier me.  I WILL NOT post my weight until the end of my journey.  I'll post the amount of weight I lose each week and any interesting updates regarding food, exercise, and so on.

I'm also starting this new journey because I know that health, and "what you eat" has a lot to do with hair growth and health.  I want long healthy hair so this will definitely help me to reach that goal!  I love my hair but I love myself even more and I will grow to love my body as well.  I hope some of you decide to take this weight loss journey with me...God Bless!

~Love Your Natural Hair!

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