Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weight Loss Journey: Week 2

Week 2: May 28 - June 3

Since I had success with the 3 Day Diet in Week 1, I will continue it in Week 2.  For 3 days I will follow the diet and then eat a low-calorie diet on the other 4 days.  I have been keeping my calories under 1200 per day on the "off-days".  Yes, I know that is low but I'm desperate to lose weight...just being honest :-)

10 to 14 cups of water a day is my goal and I'll drink green tea too.  Just like in Week 1, I will post everything I ate during the week at the end of the week...lol.

I will also be incorporating exercise into my journey this week.  I LOVE Netflix so I will use some of their workout videos.  The main one will be Dance Off the Inches: Fat Burning Jam with Michelle Dozois.