Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hair Website Review: BlackHairInformation.com

Black Hair Information.com

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I was recently asked to review a black hair care that focuses on the care of relaxed and natural hair, which is a plus because you rarely find a site that provides information on both!  

Blackhairinformation.com is an excellent site to obtain information and support about growing long and healthy hair, which is a desire of many women, including MYSELF!  The site is not just “fluff” information.  The information is backed up by experience, which comes from its creator Alma Ruddock, who started her hair journey back in 2008 (neck length hair) and now has mid-back length hair that is continuing to grow.  For this reason alone, I highly suggest that you visit this site for the vast amount of information offered.

Other highlights of the site includes a shopping section catered to USA, UK, and Canadian shoppers and will take you to Amazon.com for products related to hair.  The regimens section offers you an array of hair care regimens for relaxed, texturized, naturally curly or kinky black hair.  There is also information about shampooing, deep conditioning, moisturizing and styling.  I found the tips in these sections to be very helpful and something can be used by hair veterans and newbies alike.  The relaxed hair and natural hair sections are all inclusive with tons of current information.  

A section that I really liked, because I’m a KITCHEN CHEMIST, was the Treatments and Recipes.  I will definitely be trying the “Coconut & Lime Treatment” and the “Honey Glycerine Conditioner for Dry Hair”.  Another section that caught my attention was the Hair Stores and Readers Questions section.  In these areas, you can read about the hair journeys of others and even ask a question, which makes the site more personable.  Blackhairinformation.com also offers product reviews and articles about hair.  They even reviewed one of my favorite product lines, which is Fantasia IC.  

Blackhairinformation.com is easy to navigate and the site colors of pink, white, and blue pleasant on the eyes.  The search feature is powered by Google.  If you look at the very top of the page, you will find addition categories pertaining specifically to growing long hair, popular products, and a discussion forumYou can easily register and join the hair care Forums.  There is also a link that takes you directly to the creator’s blog, which is a delight because I browsed Alma’s blog for about an hour or so, reading information and looking at pictures.

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Social Media & Communication
Blackhairinformation.com is very connected.  They can be found on social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and FeedBurnnerPlease visit these sites as well for more information about black hair.  I really liked the Pinterest because it had wonderful pictures of all types of black hair and I’m now a follower.  You can also subscribe to the Black Hair Information.com Newsletter, which is FREE.  

  • Some of the advertising on the home page is distracting
  • Very comprehensive information about hair growth for relaxed and natural heads
  • Website design is simple, easy to navigate, and fits together very professionally
  • Great information about shampooing, deep conditioning, styling, hair treatments and recipes
  • Very connected through social media and newsletter
  • Supported by experience and proven hair care techniques.  Your content is excellent.  By reading your site and blot, I can easily tell that you know a lot about black hair care and GROWTH…Continue to work hard at it!
Overall Thoughts
Fantastic site!  Blackhairinformation.com has very useful information and I found the site to be very welcoming and organized.  This is definitely a quick reference for black hair care, especially when it comes to growing long healthy hair.  I very HIGHLY suggest that you visit this site, join, and get educated about black hair...you may also want to become a Facebook fan or follow on Twitter!

~A Natural Hair Romance Review~

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